Home And Cottage Bin Rentals in Peterborough & The Kawartha’s

Renting one of our bins will help keep your yard and/or lakefront clean and free of debris, protect the environment and keep your neighbours happy!

Are you a homeowner or cottager living in Peterborough or Kawarthas? Are you thinking about a home or cottage renovation project this spring? It doesn’t matter if you are planning to replace your cottage dock on Stoney Lake or Jacks Lake, tear out some overgrown bushes and trees in Lakefield or Havelock or maybe renovate a bathroom in your Peterborough or Millbrook home, you will need to dispose of all of the garbage generated by your efforts.

What can I put in my waste disposal bin?

  • Household waste – clothing, old toys, electronics, furniture and general household garbage
  • Renovation materials – lumber scraps, drywall, tiles, shingles, cabinets, glass/mirrors, metal
  • Discarded fixtures – sinks, toilets, old appliances,
  • Landscape waste – trees, shrubs, brick – ask us about our clean fill rates!

What can’t I put in my waste disposal bin?

Here is a list of some of the restricted items:

  • Propane tanks
  • Corrosive or explosive materials
  • Wet paint
  • Car tires
  • Motor oil
  • Car batteries

If you are unsure of what can go in your bin, just ask – we are happy to answer any of your questions!

How do I prepare for the arrival of the bin?

The most important thing to consider is where you want the bin placed. You want to ensure you can access your garage if you need to and that you can easily reach the bin to dispose of your project garbage.

What should I expect during delivery?

Our professional driver will lay protective boards on your driveway if necessary and place the empty bin in the agreed-upon area. All you have to do is start loading. Call us when you are ready to have your full waste disposal bin picked up and we will come and get it.

Call us at Kawartha Disposal ( 705-768-4783)  to discuss your waste disposal needs! We are here to help.